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The Breathing Class

Small meditation classes that combine meditation and relaxed breathing, to help you feel easy in your body and calm and clear in your mind.

An hour long class that teaches you and supports you to breathe easily and fully.

Based on the first three essential principles of Pilates – Concentration, Relaxation and Breathing. It is an easy way to improve comfort and release in your body and mind.


The benefits for you include:

  • Reducing blood pressure, muscle and mental fatigue.
  • Reversing the impact of chronic low grade stress, allowing the body to direct energy to functions essential for wellbeing like cell regeneration, digestion and healing.
  • And training your mind, your thinking to be clear and undistracted.
  • All of this helps you to live a more productive, a longer and a happier life.


The details

The Breathing Class will be restarting in 2016. Please contact reception for details.

Where: The Pilates Centre Mosman

1/143B Raglan St
Mosman, NSW 2088
Ph: (02) 9968 4388
Reception Hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 12pm


Contact reception to book in today

The Pilates Centre Mosman  phone (02) 9966 4388