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Private Meditation Sessions

Private meditation sessions are personalised training and support, that is designed to develop your ability to meditate and to create calmness and centredness in your life.

They are one-on-one with Georgina and are held in Mosman, Sydney.

Private meditation sessions are helpful if you are experiencing stress in your life through work or family, big challenges like injury or illness, or big decisions like how to live your life better.

They are helpful if you would like personalised training in meditation or personal development practices that help you get more out of life.


During a private meditation session, I draw on many aspects of my skills and training to best meet your needs. The session may include:

1. Body-focussed meditation.
Solid practices and tools to develop essential relaxation and meditation skills for life. Take control of everyday anxieties, clear your mind and come back to what is important for you, time and time again.

 2. Supported body awareness.
‘Hands on’ work to release tensions in the body, and train you to have a more relaxed and comfortable posture. A gentle way to develop your body awareness.

3. Relaxed breathing training.
An easy way to release tension in the body and the mind, and to learn to allow the full breath for health and a clear mind.

4. Mind-body counselling.
Discuss your challenges and to connect with your own clarity and understanding of any given situation. Understand your needs and desires, by tuning in to your body for a reliable sense of what is important for you.



  • half hour sessions are $52.
  • one hour sessions are $104
  • and semi privates are the usual rate plus $11 per additional person


Private Meditation Sessions are available in Mosman, Sydney


Contact reception at the Pilates Centre Mosman to book a time today (02) 9968 4388
or contact me directly for more information for more information.