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Meditation in Mosman

I offer regular private sessions and meditation groups in Mosman, Sydney. The meditation is focussed on the body and is simple and effective.

It is designed to enable you to experience optimal health and happiness, whilst giving you the tools to alleviate stress and tension and truly get the most out of life.


1. Private Meditation Sessions.
These are highly personalized training and support sessions that helps get the most out of life.
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2. The Breathing Class.
Small meditation classes that combine meditation and relaxed breathing, to help you feel easy in your body and calm and clear in your mind.
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Body Focussed Meditation

There are many different kinds of meditation. Generally each type of meditates on a particular point of focus. The focus maybe an object, like a candle, a mantra, or a quality like stillness itself.
Choosing the body as the focus of meditation helps you to feel comfortable in your own body, to use the body to still the mind and release yourself from habitual thinking patterns. The sensory information of the body is an excellent training ground for the mind.


1. The Physiological Benefits.

The calm and stillness of meditation session:
a) lowers your blood pressure and allows the muscles of the body to relax.
b) releases tension, leaving your body able to move more easily and helping you to feel more comfortable.
c) builds the neurological pathways responsible for control of the body, which enables a clearer perception of the body, making postural and movement improvements easier.
d) develops the ability to recognise stress building, helping you to address your thinking or change your behaviour. You become the master of your mind and your emotions.


2. The Lifelong Benefits.

Building your capacity for sustained and compassionate awareness of your body and your breath:
a) builds knowledge and understanding about who you are.
b) frees you from the relentless feeling of being in the head, enabling the solid and tangible experience of residing in your body.
c) teaches the mind to be supple in the face of change, helping you to feel free and content.

Private Meditation Sessions and The Breathing Class in Mosman, Sydney


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