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Meditation Courses in Port Stephens

Did you know that a regular meditation practice helps your immune system function effectively, enables the regeneration of brain cells and helps you live a happier life?

Did you know that meditation actually reverses the impact of this stress on your body and your mind?

Seriously…meditation is a wise investment of your time and energy, helping you to have a happy mind and healthy body for life. And Georgina is currently offering Meditation at Nikki Shilling’s yoga studio in One Mile, Port Stephens.

She is offering 6-week blocks to really help you rest into yourself and start reaping the health and wellbeing benefits straight away.

Meditation at One Mile
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Georgina is not currently offering group meditation classes in Port Stephens. Private Sessions are available and can cater to small groups.

Click here to find out more about private sessions.


What: Meditation for a happy mind and a healthy body.

Where: Nikki Shilling’s Yoga Studio in One Mile, Port Stephens.

Sessions run every 6 weeks. go to my new website for the latest start date.

6 week block is $80


How to book:

What class is like:

The meditation class will be focused on supporting you to deeply rest and relax through body and breath based practices. It will combine short meditations, that help you hone your skills, with longer meditations that help your mind to become peaceful.

You will have the chance to combine seated and laying positions and participate in some group discussion.

All you need to bring is comfortable clothing and a willingness to learn.

Email for more information, or to find out if this class will suit your unique situation.

Running over 6 weeks, the 1 hour meditation classes, once a week, are easy and affordable. Most participants find that dedicating this small amount of time to meditation, makes the rest of the week more enjoyable and less stressful.

What you learn.

The skills you learn in the meditation course will help you:

  • Develop the ability to maintain and deepen your calm.
  • To experience a true inner peace.
  • And to relieve pain and relax your body.

Each term of the meditation course is unique and shaped to the participants needs, for an example of previous course outlines click here.


What other people say.

People who have attended these courses have reported that:

  • They sleep better after the meditation class.
  • They laugh more readily and are more joyful.
  • Can move through their days more peacefully.
  • That they have less emotional and physical pain.
  • And that they can think more clearly, without getting lost in their thoughts.

Want to know more? 

About Georgina
I am a full member of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association. And have been facilitating meditation groups and individual training sessions since 2009. My personal meditation practice officially began in 2004, although I have a lifetime interest in matters of the mind and consciousness, and have explored many different areas and practices.
My style is influenced by Buddhist, Sufi and Christian traditions but not of any particular spiritual dogma. I am inspired by contemporary Australian teachers Ian Gawler and Louise Gilmore. And am familiar with the teachings of Pema Chodren, Joan Halifax, Soygal Rinpoche and Jon Kabat Zinn.

**you can find out more and book in online