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Shamanic Sun Drum

Shamanic Drumming and Flight of the Soul

        Dance, Song and Rhythm are part of community gatherings and sacred practices the world over. When we sing we access creative and emotional parts of the brain, taking us out of our rational thinking minds and closer to a numinous experience of life. Humans are the only creatures on the planet […]

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Soul Retrieval: Remembering our Essence

  Our soul is the cohesive for that unites our body, heart and mind…it is the very essence of our being. –Gabrielle Roth When we are living close true to our soul, we feel vibrantly alive, full of energy and inspiration. When this expression is missing we can feel disconnected, flat and powerless to effect […]

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Trust and Desire

The  dance of intimacy and letting go. I confused myself into thinking that letting go: being surrendered and accepting in life, meant being without desire. The real risk, however, is to desire without knowing of the outcome. It is outcome we must let go of. Desire is the creative force that moves us through life, […]

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The Shaman’s Bones.

A bone is a potent symbol in the human psyche. It is a powerful question mark about the relationship of matter and spirit, the physical and the mysterious. Of what happens to us, our consciousness, when we die. A hollywood witchdoctor is always surrounded by dry, dangling bones. Think Aughra (the Dark Crystal) or Tia Dalma (Pirates of the Caribean). This […]

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Longing for Connection

One of the very first workshops I ever offered was called Connecting to Nature’s Wisdom. I was describing it to a man, who had worked as a landscaper most of his life and now cared for disabled kids. He spent his days introducing the kids to planting and tending to plants. When I told him […]

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